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How are cow suede made

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Cow suede is a hairy type of leather which has a nappy finish to it. To achieve this we need to do the following process

· Raw material

· Assorting

· Re-tanning

· Milling

· Inspection

· Packaging

The duration of making a skin of cow suede differ with the a lot of factor. Few of the factors are

· Quantity

· Quality

· Physical property requirements

· Type of cow material

There are various types of cow suede which are made

· Full grain cow suede

· Split suede

· 2 layer cow suede

For each type of cow suede there are some similarities and some variance in the process. I would like to discuss about the each process individually in the forth coming blog.

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04 de ago. de 2021

I am karan rajora from India (chennai).

My company name is KR LEATHERS.

I have started this work recently. I have a unit for the production of this work with required machines. I have a experience of 7 years in this work. I would need ur support for the development.

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