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How are split suede made

The process of making Split suede is as follows.

The process starts from selecting and trimming the wet blue or wet white cowhide. These are then sent to the splitting machine to be split. This process gives the suede it’s unique name. After the spliting is done, the leather is then again trimmed and sent to the milling machine.

Milling is the second process done by on the leather. It is also called as wet blue milling. In this the trimmed wet blue is being put into a dry drum which is then milled according to the wetness of the wild. Mostly the milling ranges fom 2-3hours in the drum depending upon the wetness of the wet blue as stated earlier.

This milling process helps the fibres of the wet blue to open up which in-turn helps the wet blue to absorb the dyes and the other chemicals which are being used on it to bring colour.

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