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What is Cow Suede

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Suedes are hairy type of leather which has a nappy finish to it. Mostly used in apperals, clothing, bags etc. Cow suede is one of the most economical suede. The process of making cow suede is complex and also interesting. A lot could be done with suede various designs and textures can be created on them. Suedes are very cheap and flexible when it comes to manufacturing them.

Cow suede is one of the most economical among all suede. A major reason for this goes to the skin size. Typically a suede would be around 12-14sf (squre feet). In a normal suede skin around 5-7 shoes can be made depending upon the skin size, amount of defective area, what is the size of the shoe etc.

Cow suede is not only cheap but also has a very good nap and tracing effect on it. This gives a good feel for shoe makers and also for customer who like to have a nice field while touching the shoe.

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