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Re-Tanning Process

We use the best material and production equipments with professional technicians. Also, we have been importing mid-size cow suede leather from Argentina where there’s guarantee for its fine quality and stable quantity. Our chemical materials usage and suppliers meet all EU, USA, and Japan’s RSL standards.

Wet Blue

Our Grading Process consists of 3 stages i.e, wet blue triming, spliting and shaving.  We have high standard of grading inorder to meet the brand requirements

Colouring & Drying

We use the best quality chemicals approved by UK, USA and Japan standards and use Plate drying and hang drying to dry the taned leather.


To make the leather upto our premium standards high quality buffing and staking is done to ensure to pass according to standards



To ensure the perfect finish for our leather we use the latest technology in finishing and packaging our products.


Lab Testing 

Hung Fu unparallel compromise on quality is evident in its testing lab. The Latest technology is used to check each and every leather before it is packaged to the customer.

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