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New Arrivals

MF Suede (Metal Free)

The vibrant & lustres colors produced from Hung Fu's Chrome free leather suits best for kids shoes & high end leather goods.  HF's Chrome free leather posses excellent physical properties and providing high sustainablity for gootwear and leather good manufacturers.  

SS 22 Collection


Hung Fu Leather gives a wide range of products for each season.  We would like you to check out our this season's catelogue SS 22.  

Small preview of our the variety you could expect from our catelgoue

  • Super High Suede

  • High Suede

  • Split Suede

  • Junior Suede

  • MF Suede (Metal Free)

  • HF Emboss Suede

  • HF Perf Suede

  • Micro Hairy Suede

  • Hairy Suede

  • Cloud Suede

  • Micro Crack Suede

  • Alamo Suede

  • Retro Suede

  • Forest Suede

  • Brick Suede

  • Persi Suede

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