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Our Story

Our Histroy

Hung Fu Leather Co., Ltd specializes in producing the world’s highest quality split suede and Water based & Eco-friendly PU action leather for world leading brands in both the athletic and fashion industries. Established in Taiwan in 1990, Hung Fu has grown and developed into an industry leader.


Hung Fu now has its most advanced production plant located in Southern Vietnam with an annual production capacity of over 40 million SF. Just as important as the logistical set-up, Hung Fu uses only the finest equipment and materials within its production lines. We have been importing mid-size cow splits from Argentina and USA, known for fantastic quality and stable sourcing.

Hung Fu has been approved ISO 14001/9001 certification and become a member of the LWG and SATRA. Hung Fu is also rated LWG Gold Certified since 2011. To ensure quality of finished leather, Hung Fu In-house physical test laboratory is approved by TUV and SATRA and QC team is certified by SATRA Leather Grading.  

Hung Fu is also dedicated to sustainability. Hung Fu’s chemical and suppliers meet REACH and global MRSL standards. We collect rainwater and recycled water for production and use solar energy to dry out sludge. Wastewater treatment is 2000 tons daily treatment capacity with an emergency tank; and on-site greenland. 

We look forward to working with you through our teams in Vietnam as well as USA and Europe team. 

Our History


Hung Fu Tainan, Taiwan:


1st tannery of Hung Fu


SATRA Leather Grading Certificated

Shut down tannery in China


Focus on Vietnam tannery production


Third expansion to 4 million sf per month


Hung Fu Huizhou, China:

2nd tannery of Hung Fu


Produce suede and PU coated split


TUV Certified Lab 


First expansion in Vietnam HF to 1.5 Million sf a month


LWG Gold for the 8th time in a row


Hung Fu Binh Duong, South Viternam:


Produce suede and water based coated split


SATRA Certified Lab


LWG Gold for the 10th

time in a row


ISO 14001 & 9001 and  LWG Gold


Wolverine Worldwide Group for Pig nubuck contract job in Vietnam.


Second expansion to 3 million sf a month.


Eco-Friendly PU Action Leather

Solar energy lighting & roof top solar energy built

President's Message

President's Message

Being the President of Hung Fu leather Co., Ltd it is indeed a great pleasure and honour to present to you this pioneering organization in the international leather manufacturing industry.  Ever since its launch in 1990, Hung Fu Leather has fruitfully directed this industry towards a whole new era of good quality, eco-friendly and short lead time manufacturing of leathers.




The presence and active participation of all its employees with full commitment and hard work, highlights the excellent progress we have achieved in a very short span of time.  None of this would have been possible without the unwavering confidence, motivation and support rendered to us by our client companies.  Hence our journey towards excellence will continue with the same potency and grit in order to pursue our vision of good quality and eco-friendly leathers.

Hung Fu Principle

Hung Fu Principle



  • Social Compliance

  • Environment Protection

  • Safe Product to Consumers

  • Eco-friendly Products

  • Innovate New Products

  • Consumer Satisfaction

  • Value for Money

  • Give Short Lead Manufacturing Time 


Leo Kang, General Manager

HUNG FU LEATHER is pleased to have Mr. Leo Kang leading the team. He has worked hard to ensure that the products delivered to the customer are upto the high standards.  He has helped in placing HUNG FU as a global player in leather manufacturing industry


Michael Chen, Vice General Manager

Mr. Michael Chen is an essential part of the team, and has been with HUNG FU LEATHER since 2010. As our Vice General Manager, he is extremely motivated, hardworking, results-oriented person. 

He has  worked hard  and been instrumental in developing the finest  Cow Suede as per international standards.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team
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